The human sexual drive is an integral and dignified part of life. This is a truth that keeps getting lost: we repeatedly fall out with the physical side of existence. The nobility of our bodies was alive as a concept for certain periods in the Ancient Greek world, then became submerged for many centuries under Christian censorship. Oddly, despite an atmosphere of permissiveness today, our relationship with sex still bears a legacy of distrust, which becomes most evident in attitudes towards the porn industry. It’s not that most societies ban porn, but they subtly relegate it to the outer limits of respectability. It comes to seem a low-grade, demeaning activity, which sullies all who come into contact with it, producers and consumers.

The School of Life is a global organisation founded to explore issues in emotional life and arrive at workable solutions to some of our greatest tensions and dilemmas. It asks large questions about fulfilment and purpose.

Given the role that pornography plays in the modern world (especially its remarkably destructive effects on many relationships and on the lives of teenagers), it is a natural theme for the School to explore. This project contributes to a search for a ‘better’ sort of pornography, ‘better’ meaning not more or less explicit or unusual, but more aligned with the highest capacities of humankind: intelligence, sensitivity and empathy. It is porn we shouldn’t have to be ashamed of. The site aims to work a therapeutic effect, and is focused around some of the challenges that make sex particularly difficult as well as exciting for us.


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